Our Products

VoIP products are available from many vendors and range from simple ip phones to complex routers and controllers. Find here a selection of the most popular voip hardware, descriptions on how they do work and some technical information. ViV dialer has a range of products such as PC2Phone, Device2Phone & IP Phone, Calling Card and value added products such as mobile dialer2Phone.

Details of these products are outlined in the links below. Our products are customized to the requirements of each individual reseller. Our in house development team continuously rolls out new products and features to add value to these products. Please click on the products below to find out more:

PC 2 Phone

Easy to use softphone offering high quality voice calls. Additional functions are: account balance information, rate per minute for entered phone number (displayed before the call), maximum duration for the call, timer (showing real time as it elapses), phone book stored on the server’s side, audio wizard.

  • Easy to use TalkSaves PC2Phone offering high quality voice calls.
  • Account balance display – rate per minute for entered phone number (displayed before the call)
  • Maximum duration for the call, timer (showing real time as it elapses)
  • Phone book stored on the server side, audio wizard.

Mobile Dialer


Call anywhere in the world 24 hours a day on our premium global calling network. Our state-of-the-art technology center ensures that every call is passed through fiber-optic communication channel ensuring minimal delay and superior voice quality. Our technical experts will be monitoring 365 days a year to maintain high availability of the communication path to provide you service that is always available.


You do not need to dial any PIN number when calling from a registered phone number. You can register up to 5 phone numbers.


Save up to 10 frequently called phone numbers and dial without the hassle of entering long numbers every time you call. The speed dial allows you to store names and numbers of your dear ones and with the press of key, you can connect to the destination number.


Our service allows you to make phone calls from anywhere in the world, to anywhere in the world. The account that you get is UNIVERSAL and can be used from anywhere in the world reaching one of our Access Number near to you. Access Number from 22 countries coming soon.

Device 2 Phone

Device2Phone/IP Phone service enables user to place calls directly from a device without the need of a PC. Resellers can easily generate Device2Phone/IP Phone accounts and distributed to end users.

ATAs (Analog Telephone Adapters) are devices into which household phones can be plugged and be used as IP Phones for VoIP calling. The device is plugged into the internet and configured to the ViV dialer servers.

IP Phone is a phone that can be plugged directly into the Internet and place VoIP calls. IP Phones can be configured to the ViV dialer servers.

  • We support all H323/SIP IP Phones and Device2Phones (ATAs).
  • Service works behind NATs, Firewalls and blocked ISPs.
  • Easy to setup & configure.

Web SMS / Dialer SMS

VoiceinVoice! is a multifunctional communicator enabling voice over IP, SMS over IP and instant messaging.

ViV dialer customers can freely distribute the VoiceinVoice to endusers.

  • Based on SIP protocol
  • Embedded VOIP tunnel propriatary technology allowing for making and receiving calls behind firewalls and voip blockades.
  • Phone book stored on server side
  • Speed dial (shortcuts associated with phone book entries)
  • Easy access to last dialled numbers
  • Real-time status messages
  • Actual balance information
  • Actual rate for the dialed number
  • Information on the maximum duration for the call
  • Connection timer
  • Information on the last call cost
  • Check rate button (quick information about the rate for entered phone number)
  • Audio wizard
  • Voicemail with messages stored on the server, detailed information on left messages, one click access to selected voice message, unique welcome message (endusers can record own prompt)
  • Sending SMS functionality (through SIP info, further it can be converted to SMS protocols supported by ViV dialer and transferred to SMS providers)
  • DID – virtual phone numbers management directly from VoiceinVoice! interface, e.g. adding new phone numbers,
  • Call forwarding/follow me settings per each DID, support for multiple DIDs
  • Do not disturb” function per DID – user can configure various release reasons (busy, no answer) per each DID
  • Integration with the Web Portal module – Instant access to Calls History, Payments, Rates
  • Hold conversation function – switching between connected lines
  • supported speech codecs g729, g723.1, GSM, g711
  • Instant Messaging functionality through integrated Miranda client.
  • Support for various makes of USB phones, complete integration with ealink USB phone models, Atcom and other manufacturers
  • Support for Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008
  • Branding – own logo/company name, icon
  • Customizable design